What is GISCOM?

GIS Competition 2023 is a national competition for college student in geospatial which is held to test the ability of thinking and spatial analysis of the participants in solving problems using GIS. Through this competition the participant is expected to be able to innovate and provide inspiration to solve various problems phenomena with GIS tools along with variations of geospatial data used (satellite images, tabular data, etc.) with the output in the form of solutions with high accuracy.

Participants Terms

To follow a series of GIS activities Competition 2023, participants must send problem solving utilizing GIS to processing of data, search solutions, and the visualization of results in the form of the report with the specified format. The resulting problem solving must comply with the following themes:

  1. Supply Chain
  2. Environmental Hazard Monitoring & Assessment
  3. GEOAI
  4. BIG Data Analysis
  5. Internet Of Things (IOT)

Deadline Submit and Registration: 31 May – 28 June 2023

Participants of the sender report results problem solving or submitters are required to complete the registration and pay Rp. 120.000/team.

The Finalist will be announced on 14 August 2023 through GIS Competition 2023 Social Media.


GIS Competition 2023 champion awards include:

            First Champion           : Cash Prize + Certificate

            Second Champion      : Cash Prize + Certificate

            Third Champion          : Cash Prize + Certificate

            Finalist                        : Finalist Certificate

Important Dates

31 May – 28 June 2023          :

6 July 2023                             :

31 July 2023                           :

14 August 2023                      :

14-15 August 2023                 :

20 August 2023                      :

24 August 2023                      :

29-30 August 2023                 :

Registration and Abstract  Submission Period

Announcement for semi-finalist

Deadline for report submission

Announcement for finalist

Finalist confirmation period

Technical Meeting for finalist

Deadline for presentation submission

Final event of GIS Competition

For Registration:

For submitting your work:

Contact Person

Rinasari Wijayanti
WA : 082227120676
id line: @rnsrn

Mutiara Indah Pramestika
WA: 0895326505416
id line: @lrnstiaraa
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