Guideline For Authors 2023



Guide For Authors

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract submissions for this symposium must follow the following guidelines:

  • Submitted in .docx format, single column
  • Must include title, author lists, corresponding author’s email address, and keywords besides the actual abstract,
  • Abstract should be written not more than 300 words (not including title and keywords)

Please follow the abstract template provided below and submit your abstract using the following link. This will direct you to the Microsoft CMT platform where all the submission and review process will be conducted with double-blind review.

Scopus-Indexed SPIE Proceedings Guidelines

The scientific content of the complete manuscripts submitted to the symposium must be original and has never been published elsewhere such as in a journal or other conference before. Plagiarism checks will be carried out and manuscripts with a high percentage of similarity (15 – 30%) will be asked for major revisions. More than 50% similarity will be rejected for publication.

In general, the manuscripts submitted to the symposium must pay attention to:

  • English Quality, it is recommended that the manuscript be corrected or edited by a professional language editor,
  • No Plagiarism, content may not be published elsewhere. Manuscripts in which plagiarism is detected will be immediately rejected.
  • Content and Innovation, research must be carried out following standard research methods and correct academic ethics.

Manuscripts must follow the SPIE format (Fullpaper Template). In general, the contents of the manuscript may not be less than 4 pages and may not exceed 8 pages (excluding references) in a one-column document format with a character size of 12 fonts.

The research presented and published in this symposium will be published in proceedings which will be indexed by Scopus after going through a double-blind review process by reviewers with relevant expertise. Therefore, authors who aim to publish research results in Scopus indexed proceedings must revise their manuscript according to the reviewer’s suggestions within the specified timeframe. Manuscripts that are not revised properly or pass the allotted timeframe will be rejected for publication.

An additional fee will be charged for each manuscript published in Scopus indexed proceedings (to be announced soon).

Poster Guidelines

Poster presenters should submit their abstracts and full papers before the specified dates (see important dates)

The poster should be made in minimum A1 to A0 size with an attractive design, brief and concise contents, and readable easily. The poster should at least consist of:

  1. Titles, authors, authors affiliation, corresponding author’s emails
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Data and Methods
  5. Results and Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Poster presenters must accompany and stand directly next to their poster during the poster session to engage with the symposium participants.

Presentation Guidelines

Please prepare oral presentation designed to be finished within 15 minutes. The presentation will be followed by 5 minutes Q/A session.

Presentation material should be made in presentation format (PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) and must be submitted to the committee at least two hours before the presentation is conducted.

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